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Insurance coverage starts upon issuance. Full-payment of total premium must be made prior to issuance and delivery of the insurance policy.

Your insurance has a specific duration, which you define, and it is valid for the specified period stated on the 1st page of the insurance policy.

More specifically, the insurance policy states the exact starting/ending date and time of coverage.
Prior to renewal of insurance coverage, you should contact your insurance intermediary to get informed on premiums and proceed to full-payment before the expiration date.
Automatic renewal of insurance previously in force, has ceased to apply since May 2014.

Your insurance intermediary along with your renewal premium details, will inform you of all available payment methods of insurance premiums, for you to choose the most suitable.
The Company supports all payment methods of premiums (direct payment to your insurance intermediary, via
e-Banking, bank deposit, credit card).

The insurance policy issued by the Insurance Company, is the document which proves the validity of insurance coverage to Traffic Police. For this reason, it is very important to always carry it on your vehicle.

The policyholder may cancel the policy at any time, on written request.
Should you want to exercise your right to cancel, you should be provided with a complaint letter, by your insurance intermediary, to be signed and submitted to the insurance company.
Termination of coverage is in effect following receipt of complaint.

Coverage of Third Party Liability (Bodily Injuries & Material Damages) is compulsory abroad.
Travelling abroad requires a valid insurance policy by Accredited Insurance (Europe), notifying Accredited Insurance (Europe) or your insurance intermediary, prior to your trip regarding destination and time length.
A Green Card (or an International Insurance Card), an internationally-recognized document that acts as proof of existing insurance, will be issued and delivered to you.

Should you obtain the Green Card, check all details printed, including the designated GR, the Insurer and its signature.
The country to be visited should be participating in the GC system.
If the country that you intend to visit is not participating in the GC system, you should look for the minimum compulsory insurance cover required by the law of the country visited.
It is advisable to contact the Embassy of the country to be visited, for further information prior to your journey.


All insurance companies operating in Greece are obliged to update the Hellenic Information Centre (an organizational unit of the Insurance Guarantee Fund of Liability from Car Accidents), with the fleet of vehicles that have been insured.

The Hellenic Information Centre (Auxiliary Fund), has set since 1st May 2015 an internet service,
for the policyholder to check in real time, details on the insurer, insurance validity and the duration of insurance.
The process is simple and completed directly on the website of the Information Centre www.hic.gr, pressing the tab
“Is your vehicle insured? Check it now!”.
Run the Vehicle Registration Number (number plate) and VAT Registration Number through the service, and you will confirm policy details, duration of cover and the insurer.

In case you have an insurance policy in place and your vehicle is not on the database, you must immediately contact your insurance intermediary, as the Information Centre’s database is a cross-check reference for the Authorities on electronic control and identification of uninsured vehicles.


April 2013, Greek legislation is in accordance with standards in other EU member states, allowing electronic verification. Such a control/verification can also take place in on-the-spot Traffic Police control.
The legislation foresees the State’s obligation to locate uninsured vehicles through electronic documentation checks on circulating and insured vehicles.
These checks are carried out by the State at any time, directly and electronically, to all vehicles in circulation. In case of detecting an uninsured vehicle, fines are applied to the owners of the vehicles through the Tax Authority.

In the event of transferring ownership of a vehicle (therefore, a new vehicle registration number has been issued, with new transferee name (new owner or buyer), the insurance policy is terminated after thirty (30) days of the date of the transfer, without any further action by the insurer.
If after the transferring ownership of the vehicle a new insurance policy for the transferee vehicle is initiated, the insurance policy shall cease to be valid.

• Call Accident Care at +30 216 4004 180 (24 hours a day, 365 days a year).
• Notify Traffic Police.
• If the above communication is not possible, contact your insurance intermediary immediately and fill out an accident report and document the scene, within eight (8) working days to initiate the claim process.

If you do have uninsured motorist coverage on your insurance policy (material damage caused by uninsured vehicle), you recover compensation by the insurance company, without reporting to the Auxiliary Fund.
Filing a claim and recovering compensation, includes submitting the following, within eight (8) working days:

1. Documentation of proving and establishing full liability caused by the uninsured vehicle (Copy of Police Incident Report, Criminal Procedure file)

2. The characterization of the liable vehicle as uninsured, must derive from the Police Incident Report investigating the accident or the Traffic’s Police criminal procedure file or any other official public document or certification of the Hellenic Information Centre (Auxiliary Fund).
Prior to payable compensation, the insured shall cede to the Company (pre-cession) every right for compensation by the driver or the owner of the responsible vehicle or the Auxiliary Fund.
For the benefit of doubt this means the receiver of the insurance /insured grants to the Company the right to act judicially or extra judicially on its behalf to receive the compensation by the third party responsible and the Auxiliary Fund.


1. Notify Traffic Police.
2. Notify the Fire Department immediately, in the event of fire.
3. If the above communication is not possible, contact your insurance intermediary immediately and fill out an accident report and document the scene, within eight (8) working days to initiate the claim process.

If you have the appropriate coverage on your insurance policy, Aegean Insurance will cover windshield damage or replacement, on-the-spot and without cost, anywhere in Greece, via a specific car repair shop with whom it has a contract:
1. Carglass Τ: +30 211 1208 102
2. Glassfit Τ: 800 1180 020
3. FilisGlass Τ: +30 213 3333 213
but also, via any repair shop of your choice, subtracting your deductible from the total amount claimed.